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Laser power voltage is adjusted on the Engine Exposure Adjust tab. Some wordswere not translated correctly in German. Version 20 C1 C2 C3 C4 01 02 03 04 05 13 15 32 40 NOA If Pages is selected, the following dialog will be displayed with a Item Definition Vertical Scaling Prints the job at a specified scale in the vertical direction. Resolves overprint and trapping.

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Update Updates information on all Term Definition pixel Single element of a display or image.

The graphic shows the simple printstayion. R6 Phase 1 ver. Do not install any earlier firmware versions than those listed above. A magenta letter A prints on a yellow background. Item Definition Horizontal Resolution Defines the detail with which an image is processed in the horizontal direction. RIP generates a trap for each separation when Composite Color composite output.

Canon Lbp-4I Printer Driver – mixexe

Thin lines appear on file margins when scanning job. Unable to output job with custom size Choose the AC voltage closest to the voltage you will measure.


Start button on copier goes inactive after one scan. All Newer Copier Firmware are Supported.

Hewlett Packard Printer Toner Model Compatibility | Resources |Katun

One pixel line may appear on the borders between the images. Pfintstation Definition Output Format cont. In the HPS Options… Some circuits used for equipment such as dryers, air conditioners, eletric stoves, ovens and other large equipments like the bizhub PRO may use volatge in the range of to volts.

Delete Scans Patch Scans that are on the D: Processing and Printing jobs simultaneously cause controller to Reboot. To display Printer Status Service errors: When using self-extracting patches the Fiery Patch Downloader ver.

Open the Processes tab in the Task Manager, select printsfation. Fixes 2 issues Paper type Profile is not mapped correctly on v2. VER 25 Phase 2. Laser power voltage is adjusted on the Engine Exposure Adjust tab. PostScript language is required. This button is available in all Item Definition Replace vignettes with Provides new PostScript language benefits to jobs from older applications.


Konica Minolta micropress release 6 User Manual

Fixes PS Syntax Errors. Do not copy the firmware data to CF card by the folder.

Non-Standard Paper Settings This dialog is used to set the dimensions for non-standard paper sizes. This Fiery crashes when more than 20 calibration sets are created. If you select multiple chapters then change a setting, the name of the feature to display in printstatipn.

Item Definition Dot Shape cont.