Network and Wireless Cards


Single copy see the right column on this page St acking multiple copies see page 2. Basic operation If you want to cancel the command shown, press C Genuine Original Muratec Part No.: Now, you must rock the new toner cartridge times from side to side, and then slide it along the guides of the slot until it is firmly inserted. Using the cleaning paper, gently clean the LED print head.

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Page Appendix and index Using the bypass tray Included memory is also low for a network multifunctional device with not only a poor 8 MBs of memory to begin with, but expansion options maxing out at only 16 MBs. Erasing a Macro key Press twice.

Ye si f the receiving fax machine is equipped to handle long documents.

STO P Loading paper in bypass tray When you need to use a size of paper not currently loaded in your machine s paper cas- sette sor when you want to use a special type of paper such as transparency filmPage 15 Getting started Use in murafec mode only.

Ultra copy offers the highest copy quality available.

Murata Machinery Use the numeric keypad to enter the two-digit number of the Murratec bul- letin box that stores the document you want to print. Error reports When an error occurs, your fax machine prints an error report.



Can’t find my model. Clean Dust buildup can damage your machine.

See also Autodialing and Speed-dialing. When you find one which is like yours, try the suggested solutions. The maximum width the scanner in a fax can scan during transmission. Page Just in case Ti ps on caring for your machine What to do if mfx-100 occur Glossary Clearing paper jams Our award-winning customer service department provides the same information, goods and services offered on our website. Settings for reception Print settings You can set three parameters for printing received fax messages: Getting started Use in copy mode only.

Basic operation Sending a fax using the Press to change to Fax mode. Open the printer cover.

Primary resolution mode Sets the resolution for your documents. After that, you must open the cover of the main compartment, pull the used toner cartridge out of the printer, and then unpack the new toner cartridge. Be careful not to put your hand between the top cover and the machine. Erasing a document stored in a batch box To erase a document stored in a batch box on your fax machine: What you see on the Change to Fax Mode Page Muratec America, Inc.


Check to make sure your fax machine is properly connected murztec a working outlet and phone jack see page 1.

Muratec MFX-1300 Black & White Copier

If you program all 99 delayed transmission commands, no further m e m- ory transmission is possible until one or more of the commands is completed. It could certainly be considered for the home office. Our acquisitions team is preparing to extend the TonerMAX. F-Code A fax-industry standard created by the munications. If you frequently use the combine feature, you can set it to on for default setting by fol- mufatec procedure.

All OEM product comes with a warranty direct from the manufacturer. Finally, you must use the included cleaning paper to clean the LED print head, and then close the cover of the main compartment and the top cover.

It guides you through the process of entering your machine s settings. Using Speed-dial Numbers One-touch phone dialing To d i a l a phone call using a one-touch number, y o u must have an optional handset a t tached to your machine.