If you can picture yourself using only an in-line remote–albeit one with a spacious screen–to control your MP3 player while it’s stored out of sight, the M3 deserves serious consideration as an alternative to the iPod. This is about average these days. The trade-off is that the main unit is noticeably deficient of controls and ports, and it lacks a display. Apple iPod 20GB 7. More important is the weight. The M3 sports an FM radio too, with one touch recording no less.

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Cowan Systems supply Jet Audio 6 software in the bundle, which gives a little sound editing, as well as serving as a ripping tool. As you can see in the images, the lack of an LCD makes for a slick looking case. I would suggest going for the cradle if you are considering the player. Even once you learn how to navigate menus and songs, you’ll iaudioo to consult the manual to master this device.

The Good Slimmer and lighter than iPod; 20GB hard drive; records from analog line-in source, microphone, or FM tuner; full-function in-line remote with display; comes with cradle; long battery life; Mac- and PC-compatible.

Cowon iAUDIO M3 Silver ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player

Chances are you won’t lose them, but we can’t say the same for the little rubber cowonn that protects the player’s proprietary connection port; ours lasted a matter of days before its predicted disappearance. Instead, JetAudio put the screen and most controls on an included in-line remote, as well as migrated the ports to a bundled travel adapter and desktop cradle for connection to computer, power, or stereo iaueio. Track all your stuff!


The Bad No display on main chassis; ports and display live on the adapter module or the cradle; doesn’t support online music stores.

COWON iAudio M3 – Digital Player | eBay

The aluminium-covered body is strong and svelte. Best power banks This product was kindly loaned to us by http: If you skip the dock, then you get a iaudoo module that connects to the bottom of the player. Again, the big design story with the elegant yet sturdy JetAudio iAudio M3 cowonn that it’s thin –the skinniest MP3 player yet to hold a 1. Create multiple folders, edit, label and rename files at will- even when playing, the headset control panel gives full menu navigation.

However, as you’ll soon learn, Cowon didn’t skimp on any features. We have changed the rating in this review to reflect recent changes in our rating scale.

For example, you can’t change the volume while viewing menus; instead, you first need to click back to the screen showing the song that’s playing. The result is an HDD portable that is smaller and lighter than an iPod. A larger drive most likely would make for a larger unit, as is the case when you step up within the iPod line.

Useful to quick charge from the included docking station which also supports loudspeaker line outand nice to know it’s included free, as is the iPod style case- worth considering when pricing up. The included peripherals a bonus too. If you can picture yourself using only an in-line remote–albeit one with a spacious screen–to control your MP3 player while it’s stored out of sight, the M3 deserves serious consideration as an alternative to the iPod.


As a storage device, it’s as good as the next HDD player, storing everything from div-x to gifs and spitting them out again nicely. This remote is smaller than a Zippo, and it houses the device’s main interface. What to expect from January’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Visit manufacturer site for details. Can it bring a significant price decrease? After that, iauudio else you’d want to know about the player’s status appears on the screen.

Cowon was able to undercut the iPod by almost an ounce, which isn’t much if you’re talking about bowling balls but is appreciable if you’re talking cowpn ultra light portables. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Great for stocking up, without the need to login, download or rip. He new Zen Touch hits the magical hour mark, but it is the exception, not the rule. Expect hours continuous playback from the built in battery, with cowonn full charge via cradle, USB or power pack in 6 hours.

This player has handy features galore. The iAudio M3’s case reminds us a lot of the one that fits a certain white MP3 player from Cupertino you may have heard of. Cowon sells the M3 with or without the dock.