While you are on a call, you can mute the call, put the caller on cold and even answer a second call on Line The handset features peer-to-peer dialing, speed dial, 3-way conferencing, call waiting, call transfer, and call forward, mute, hold and selectable ringtones. Here are some of the menus on the WIP The handset stores the last 20 call history records and can save phone book entries. Tagged ip phone , linksys , review , sip , voip , wifi , wip I couldn’t figure out way to add a currently viewed webpage to Favorites. Here are the specifications:

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I couldn’t figure out way to add a currently viewed webpage to Favorites.

Message 9 of 9 3, Views. You simply press and hold down ksb center selection key for two seconds until you see an orange navigation cursor. I’ll have to contact Linksys tech support on that one. It’s worth mentioning that Linksys makes a similar model, called the WIP Money looks like fat; from both there is enough, but always on the wrong places!

Message 1 of 9 6, Views. I tested the browser and it worked pretty well, but you’ll definitely oinksys to add your commonly visited sites to the Favorites, since I already stated, typing on the number pad is tedious. Profile of the phone: When entering contacts using the digits on the keypad, you have to have fast fingers when entering in the alphanumeric characters or risk it moving onto next letter. Next, I made my first test call by dialing the phone number that Linksys pre-configured on the device.


Simply by pressing the softkey button underneath “Switch” on the LCD caused it to toggle between the two calls. Message Edited by CaribDigita on When surfing the WIP, it has an auto-scroll feature so you don’t have to repeatedly press the navigation button. Would you tell me Activesync operation detail?

Linksys WIP Wireless-G IP Phone Review

The similarities end there. To use the cursor as a page up and down button, you simply press and hold down the center selection key for an additional two seconds until the cursor turns blue with a “P” in the center and then use wup330 navigation pad to move up and down the webpage.

Then you can use the navigation pad to scroll up and down the webpage. I found a usb driver on the net. I just bought this phone over the weekend and it’s too unstable for me It uses a 3. I figure I might as well try turning this phone into something more useful to me. Linksys is known for easy, turnkey networking solutions, so considering the ush of WiFi combined with configuring VoIP SIP settings, I usv impressed with how easy the phone was to install. Subscribe to Blog via RSS.


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Perhaps for future firmware release? Perhaps they send me an early production model?

The delay should be user-configurable. I was able to take that call which automatically put the first caller on hold. One caveat – Linksys pre-configured the SIP settings for me, but I checked them out and could wi3p30 just as easily entered the info myself.

I use Microsoft ActiveSync linksyx. Here are some of the menus on the WIP If that network is not available, the IP Phone will try the next profile.

WIP and USB support – Linksys Community

wip330 The sound quality was excellent, which is attributable to the G. Is there a USB driver for this product? Message 3 of 9 5, Views.