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No need to reboot! I also added a special version with a patched flash utility who allow to reset the drive internal counter. NEC drives region free this time? Patch by Sjwinck – This one is untested!! Sorry this didn’t help. Updated the GDBX firmware infos. Read the message he send me about this release.

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Matsushita Many Free Driver Download () –

Fekete remove temporaly the Eraser 2. Difference between drive with firmware 1B. You could load the region code eraser and modified firmware at www. Try running a file or reading a text file to see what happens – it could be just a driver issue.

You don’t have to use a PC anymore to flash the drive!!!. All these nice stuffs are available at Fekete’s page. Of course with the appropriate crack DVDgenie and remote selector. Someone reported me a zone locked Toshiba SD-M with a firmware It could be usefull if you have problem with the 1R17 firmware. Keeps saying need to put in dvd in driver.


Users having SD-R drive with firmware 1C. Better than the previous one. Pour nos amis francophone, je vous recommande chaudement d’aller faire un tour sur un nouveau site hardware www. Added firmware for the combo drive: If you send me something during this period, please repost! Then work your way through these – remember the drive could be bad, could have a loose cable or slight corrosion on the contacts usually for a laptop and other issues.

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These new firmware must be installed before using the new Panasonic Windows drivers. Patch by XVI – a Patched firmware 1. Please no mail unless it’s important like new firmware, new patch, important informations SubChannel data reading from matshiat tracks fixed.

The future of region free drive is now in Firmware hacking like Fekete Istvan done with the Pioneer drives. I ran into a problem like this on my brother’s computer. If you have bought this drive, i think it’s a good solution. Reduce failure rate when burning. Written by Dag Lem. Updated the GDBX firmware infos.


Please let me know if it works as expected. A new version of the Hitachi region code resetter by Whacker is out! Please let me know if they works correctly. Iomega ZipCD Atapi 4x4x24 2.

Panasonic 40X CR CD-ROM –

The file has been tested on one drive and seem to work correctly. Prescription only Drug Class: If that happens with all blank disks, then there’s a serious problem with your drive. Sorry for the delay about the GD windows ce-593 but i haven’t be able to contact Hunter since many days. This firmware is not RPC-1 but set the drive region to 0. Check the CD page for more details.